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Social Responsibility

The positive influence of agriculture and the people who are involved in the industry, reach much further than the mere daily provision of food to the world. Agriculture forms part of the stability of the communities where food is produced and sustains life wherever food is being made available to the world.

That is why it is important for Agritrade to support the people involved in agriculture and help make it possible for them to do their work. In this way agriculture ensures the sustainability of the communities where we live and work.

We don’t regard our social involvement as an obligation. We do it because we and our shareholders care for the environment. We act responsibly. We respect nature as the source of life, as well as the people who are dependent on it. It is important to us, as well as to our shareholders, that our company is representative of the community, because we believe in doing what is right.

Therefore, we are successfully involved in the establishment of emerging producers as commercial farmers. Together with our shareholders we implement solutions that have already contributed to some emerging farmers being established as commercial farmers, and in other cases being less dependent on continued support.

More than 800 people, including emerging producers and those dependent on them, annually benefit from our projects. In these projects, we provide mentorship supported by accredited training, farm planning, the development of sustainable business plans and agricultural support.

We focus on improved quality of life by investing in organisations that are precious to our communities, as well as the maintenance of crucial infrastructure in rural areas where up-liftment is essential, even if it is only for basic needs.

We realise that healthy communities are those in which people who are unable to care for themselves, are taken care of – in particular the children and the elderly. That is why we involve our business partners to increase the impact of projects that are focused on positive change.

We will continue to grow and expand these projects of ours, not only to actively develop talent for the future, but also to find ways to promote the existing talent in agriculture.

Agritrade continues to reinvest in organised agricultural structures, because these structures are important to help ensure sustainability for our shareholders. Our company endorses the principles as contained in the Agricultural Charter for Black Economic Empowerment and BEE is regarded as being of strategic importance.