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Organic Fertiliser


Commercial Organic Farming in South Africa is young, but demand for organic produce by health conscious consumers, has resulted in the incredible industry growth worldwide of 35% per year, and faster in South Africa. The challenge is to manufacture Certified Organic fertilisers, which could deliver superior quality organic crops, while maintaining productivity on a sustainable basis.

What are the basic principles of organics?

  • Organic farmers strive to build up a healthy living ecosystem in the soil with beneficial micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi, which protect plants from diseases
  • Increase carbon content of soil through composting,  green manure and using plant residues as mulch
  • Improve the soil structure, balance and add required nutrient levels to deliver quality plants, animal and human life though quality food.

Inputs like poisons, synthetic fertilisers and herbicides can damage the environment, pollute soil and water sources, kill soil life, or cause toxicity in food, are strictly forbidden in organic farming methods.

When a product, food or process is certified organic, the consumer is assured that a stringent inspection and control system, governed by worldwide standards through IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), is applied.

At Agritrade we supply bulk- or bagged chicken manure as well as bulk- or bagged compost to our farmers as well as to nurseries, landscapers and the general public.

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