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Agritrade’s division for Commodities

Agritrade’s Division for Grain Products, Agritrade Commodities(Pty)Ltd is a dynamic grain trading and operational business which instills confidence in producers through quality service. This division include grain procurement, grain grading, grain storage and grain trading.




Our Winter Grains include:

Wheat                    Barley                    Oats                        Canola                   Lupins

Our Summer Grains include:

White Maize                          Yellow Maize                        Sunflower

Soya Beans                          Sorghum

Agritrade’s’s price management products reward grain producers with above average Safex prices for their crops, while the division distinguishes itself with service delivery and quality infrastructure at the company’s extensive facilities.

Agritrade offers expert support to its suppliers and focuses on fostering good relations with companies and individuals who purchase our producers’ produce. The division has expert staff who operate in accordance with the most recent recognised standards and use the latest technology.

Products are offered which, among others, include:

  • Fixed price contracts
  • Minimum price contracts
  • Minimum / maximum price contracts
  • Deferred pricing contracts.

These innovative marketing products aid producers in making the best possible pricing decision at any given moment. It is our vision to build long-term strategic partnerships with producers and end users of grain by ensuring market related prices to producers on a daily basis as well as securing grain for end users at the best locations and at the best basis price available. Agritrade Commodities’ marketing’s mission is to become the best at procuring agricultural products in South Africa with service delivery and product innovation at the core of the business.

Agritrade Commodities prides itself in developing lasting customer and supplier relationships with service delivery at the basis of the business model.

Procurement agents are based on a national level, procuring agricultural commodities, from trustworthy grain producers across Southern Africa. Grains are procured on behalf of a diverse clientele which, among others, include white maize and wheat millers, the main participants in the animal feed industry, domestic and international dealers and oilseed crushers.

Agritrade Commodities has further distinguished itself by becoming a market leader in the South African grain industry through professional and knowledgeable procurement agents supported by an effective administration system. Product innovation as well as sound and secure advice on market information adds another feature to the core business of Agritrade Commodities.