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Animal Feeds


The mission is to be a world-class supplier of technologically advanced, safe animal feeds and value-added services, through skilled staff, contributing to improved customer performance.

Animal Feeds is committed to the provision of superior manufacturing technologies, excellence and on-going innovation. We develop products to ensure animals are able to utilise the feed in a healthy and efficient way, improving feed efficiency, resulting in economical viable and a sustainable partnerships with our farmers.

The division is committed to provide technical expertise, advice and services to our customers in an effort to support their business needs.

Raw materials include:

Lucerne/Alfalva                  Teff Hay               Oat Hay                Wheat Straw

Peanut Hay                          Maize Rests          Eragrostis

Finished feeds include:

Sheep Pellets                         Pig Pallets              Chicken Pellets