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Specialised Products




We are a leader in the cultivation, processing and marketing of ground nuts.

We strive to reduce the risks involved in the cultivation of ground nuts, improve the taste, and deliver a higher percentage of choice grade ground nuts. Mass handling is made possible by our infrastructure, where a mass storage facility for ground nuts is available.

Agritrade complies with HACCP standards and is accredited for exports.

Agritrade markets ground nuts locally and also annually exports to Japan and Europe. Compliance with the highest standard makes it possible to be internationally competitive.




Agritrade deliver a service to our farmers to ensure that the best quality pecan nuts in the world are harvested.

An increasing demand for pecan nuts offers new expansion possibilities to producers.

A service which facilitates the export of pecan nuts abroad is also offered as part of Agritrade’s continuous  strive to expand the market for producers.





Agritrade has established infrastructure to offer producers the opportunity to become involved in the cultivation of cotton.

The business offers a comprehensive service to producers. This includes agricultural services and research, the harvesting of cotton fields, logistical support, the processing of raw cotton to lint and seed, as well as marketing to local and international buyers.