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LogisticsAgritrade Logistics(Pty)Ltd provides freight and transport solutions not only for our suppliers and their products, but also to other role players in the industry. Our experience, expertise and resources in this area extend way beyond the fundamental business of getting products from A to B.

We employ world-class fleet management systems and satellite navigation, providing real-time information and visibility. This means that our clients are always up-to-date with the status of shipments.

We have international freight forwarding and courier capabilities.

We also offer air and ocean freight forwarding, rail and road forwarding, direct express and customs clearing.

Whether connecting the supply chain by air, sea, rail or road, Agritrade Logistics offers access to the appropriate modes of transport - through our owned transportation vehicles, our access to sub-contractors for various modes and our strategic relationships with transport carriers. Our seamless transport solutions - and our ability to manage service levels between logistics service providers – translates into improved efficiency and value for our clients, along with integrated supply chains and enhanced operational dexterity.

Our international services include transshipment, cross border logistics, customs clearance, brokerage services and reverse logistics.

With a fleet of 27 dedicated vehicles we can deliver anywhere in South Africa as well as al SADEC countries.
For exporting we have a warehouse facility in Durban from where all products are containerized. We can however deliver to any other port in South Africa.


With 27 vehicles and access to over 200 sub-contractor vehicles, we have the flexibility to offer customised road transportation solutions. We offer primary and secondary transport of bulk, break bulk and general cargo, refrigerated transport, container transport, tipper transport, local courier and truck rental services.

Our dedicated fleet comprises the complete range of vehicles, including:

  • 34 ton Taut liner Superlinks
  • 34 ton Flat deck Superlinks,
  • 34 ton Side Tipper Superlinks
  • 34 ton Sheep & Cattle Superlinks
  • 8 ton Flat Deck Trucks
  • 8 ton Tautliner Trucks
  • 8 ton Dropside Trucks
  • 8 ton Sheep & Cattle Trucks

Our fleet mostly carry our own products in order to be efficient in our service to suppliers and clients




With our mining commodities we do make use of rail, as its much more cost effective to all parties involved. We facilitate the whole process on behalf of our clients


We are using all the major shipping lines to ship our product across the globe. With volumes being done we can ensure a competitive pricing model


In order to be effective and competitive, we have our own warehouse and storage facilities for our clients and suppliers, it forms a valuable and integral part of our supply chain management

Clearing & Forwarding

With our inhouse forwarding and clearing team, we can export to all SADEC Countries with ease as well as to the UAE , China and the Middle east